Protein bars: My results after 7 months | Pictures & facts

My goal is to provide a comprehensive review of the different brands and types of protein bars and provide you with the nutritional information.

My mission is to be your go to source for accurate, up to date information about protein bars. I will not be able to provide all the ingredients for each brand, or even give a good summary of their nutritional values. I will review each protein bar, as well as all the ingredients and other information on the label to provide the most accurate nutritional information. All protein bars that I review are 100% dairy and soy free. I will be taking into consideration the total amount of protein in the bar and the percentage of calories from fat, carb and protein. If I don't have the specific information, I will provide the most likely cause for the low or high amount of protein. What protein bars do I need? My goal is to make a list of the best protein bars on the market based on the best quality ingredients and ingredients not on the market that are easily available. I will also include a table showing the average protein content for each protein bar based on the average of the top 100 brands by calories and protein.

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