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Snore Suppression

Snore Suppression is an effective form of treatment for snoring, and may help improve its frequency and quality. In general, it is better to use snoring suppression when your snoring frequency is high or you have already suffered some degree of sleep apnea. In addition, snoring suppression should be used when you are not sleeping well at night and are experiencing other signs of sleep apnea, such as: dizziness, fainting, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, chest pain, or loss of consciousness. Your doctor will determine your individual snoring risk, based on how you respond to the following snoring suppression measures: Snore frequency reduction

Regular snoring frequency reduction may help reduce your snoring frequency. If you can go to sleep at a comfortable snoring frequency without experiencing any of these adverse effects, it is best to start using snoring suppression right away. The following snoring suppression measures will help: Use a snoring reduction device such as an inhaler, a special mattress, or a bedside snoring device.

Get a regular sleep hygiene program.

Get up to bed in the morning with a full bladder and a clear head.

Avoid the following: Excessive daytime sleeping, heavy use of alcohol or drugs, heavy exercise, caffeine, or medications for weight control, use of caffeine-containing products before bedtime, or excessive use of other stimulants and sedatives before bedtime.

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With Snore, it is very easy to achieve significantly less snoring with a very high probability. Man...